Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Summer time!!!

Hi friends!

I don't know with you guys but all I can think about is summer, summer, SUMMER!!!

Filipinos are now enjoying the heat. Because of the amazing beaches here in the Philippines, lots of families and barkada are having a great time. Right?

Well, yeah... sometimes too much heat can be really awful that's why some people choose to stay at home. So guys, grab your laptop or mobile phone and click on the tabs on our blog 'cause we will post different exciting and interesting topics for you.

Kaya abangan niyo na lang! :) Btw, my ate and I missed you guys! Sorry for not being able to post lately, I was very busy in schoolwork and Ate Ritz was very busy sleeping... (kidding!). She is very busy in her work. Who am I kidding? haha

Don't worry we will post very soon. Okay? Olrayt? haha. Enjoy Summer!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tacos Day!

Hey everyone! This is Ritzelle talking. :) Every friday, I look forward to bond with my ate. Gosh! Gustong gusto ko na umuwi pag nasa school. Haha! atat? Pag nasa school pa lang ako at si ate Ritz nasa work, I can't help but to text her kung san kami kakain at sino ang manlilibre (fingers crossed... sana wag ako! hehe). And so last friday, dahil kuripot si ate... (ssshhh... ^_^) we planned to cook TACOS! A very affordable, delicious, and an easy-to-do recipe!!!

         Hello! I'm Ritz, the older sister and I'm Ritzelle, the fresher one... HAHA, kidding! :) Since then, we were close with each other. And we became closer, when Ritzelle moved here in Manila.

         I (Ritz) hold a job here in Manila and I (Ritzelle) am a college student. And like every one of us experiences,  we are so tired and just plain PAGOD (lalo kapag Friday na) because of different tiring things!!! At ayaw naman namin magmukhang zombies noh... so we decided to have an activity every weekend (Friday evening until Sunday), so that we can enjoy and revitalize. :D Since we want to do those stuff, we planned to have a blog so that we could share experiences, bonding moments, different activities, and informative topics with you! :)

          To know more about what we do every weekend,
Hi everyone!

          How are you? Are you feeling tired and stressed because of schoolwork or because of your job? Hay... :( You're not alone, my friend! Both of us sisters, experience the same stuff as you do. Stressful kaya talaga! Pero don't worry. Sit back, relax, and Keep Scrolling! For this is the right place for you!

          As much as possible, (hangga't kaya ng time. haha) we will post new interesting topics like our food trips, fashion sense (naks!), atbp. And as we share with you these stuff, please do share your own reactions, experiences, or kahit ano pa yan, with us!

          Looking forward to hear from you! See you guys!!!

     Ritz and Ritzelle :)



Friday, August 10, 2012


Hi All! Ritz again talking. Sunday is a church day for our family. We usually go to church early in the morning. Then after church, I'm so hungry (OA ko! haha) I can eat a whole roast pig. Hehehe just kidding!

This Sunday is a special one because after church we went in a special place called RJ Bulalohan. Actually I just have seen this resto in GMA News TV I JUANDER segment. So we gave it a try.

Order, Order na! :D

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Good morning friends! :) waaaa!!!! it's already 1 am. I haven't noticed the time! Since last last week, I've been busy doing schoolwork o.O . That's why I wasn't able to post anything lately. Pasensya na! Pero promise I'll post soon and yeah, it will be worth the wait!!! Naks! :D Ok ok. Gotta sleep! Still got lots of studying to do tomorrow. Night everyone! Stay safe. :D

  - Ritzelle ^_^

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Happy FRIDAY to all!!! I know you have plans for this weekend or most of us will simply have a long REST like sleeping for long hours hehehe sarap. This is the time also to do all the household chores like maglaba,maglinis and etcetera (hate this part). For us sisters FRIDAY is our IMMUNITY DAY yehey happiness. This is a reward day for both of us for five days hard work for me ritz and five days burning of eye brows for intense studies (ritzelle).  Well enough with the talking and I welcome you to our IMMUNITY DAY (round of applause!!!!) 

We had dinner in NOMNOMNOM Happy Food at 1Tomas Morato cor. E. Rodriguez QC. Actually the place is somewhat hard to find because of they don’t have any signage outside the resto.  Anyways, that is okay sa hinaba haba man daw ng prusisyon sa Nomnomnom pa rin ang tuloy hehehe. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yellow Cab!

Hi All! Ritz the elder sister talking. Ordinary Thursday (July 12).  Morning,  ride MRT and feel the sardines atmosphere again and again and again cheek to cheek to my kapwa commuters. Super aga in the office, make it a worthy day! Anyways  I have a friend MAEI who is two months (dont know the exact day count) pregnant. Because it is our suweldo meaning we have our hard earned money for the month we decided to eat at.... First we think AMICI we calculate then surprised we can’t eat there because of limited budget second A VENETTO in Glorietta 3 calculate again at last pasok sa budget but too far from the office and we have  1 ½ hour for the lunch break so erase erase erase. And finally after so many calculations hehehe we ended up eating in YELLOW CAB at Makati Cinema Square. 

A Homey Place at Mary Grace :)

Hi ALL! It’s me again Ritz, the elder sister. Last July 3 we celebrated the birthday of our brother JAY-JAY (my sibling next to me) his 28th birthday. Yeah I know late na o naririnig pa kita nagrereklamo told you I know it’s a bit late because of too much time spent for my work. Anyways here is my story. Listen!  

Because of our work (me and jj), my youngest sister (Ritzelle) and diko doc our third sibling are full time students, we ended up late looking for a nice resto in the Bonifacio High Street. 

(Left) Ritz and Ritzelle (right)
First we went to SLICE, nice resto but fully loaded of customers huhuhuhuhu  I think it is masarap there, it’s 9:00 PM and we are all hungry. We walk again in the other side reaching SERENDRA. Diko told me CONTI’s na lang coz the food there are yummy and of course the amazing MANGO BRAVO but Ms. Ate crew told us Ma’am we are only accepting take out na lang  I look at my watch and oh my it’s 9:15 PM HUHUHUHU (louder cry) and I heard my tummy crawling (scary) and then I saw an angel este MARY GRACE. Yahoo even it’s late they are still accepting customers. So we hurried inside, "Table for six please!" and then a very nice Ms. Ate crew lead us the  way. Hehehehe. Super happiness. It’s our first time in Mary Grace I thought bread lang ang meron sa Mary Grace but in my surprise dami nilang choices from sandwiches to pasta to rice meals. And the dessert is to die for! 
Okay OA again! hehe

Saturday, July 7, 2012


We went to Tomas Morato walking and looking for dinner to eat. Because of the tight budget we ended up having a Jollibee dinner spaghetti and chicken, yum yum! Before going home we want to award ourselves for a one week work and study. So we hunted for a tea house and lucky we were, we saw SERENITEA (we were super duper lucky! Yeah right, OA! hehe) but definitely a must try tea house. Their milk tea best seller according to the crew is OKINAWA, so I trusted her and they were right because it is very delicious, refreshing and SOBRANG SARAP. Thanks SERENITEA! I'm sure that we will be back there to try all your DRINKS. Hehehe!

What's your favorite Serenitea drink?


TASTE : 100%
 • AMBIANCE: 98% (Tomas Morato branch)


Keep Calm and Carry on!

Minty Choco (left) and Okinawa (right)

Oops! Sorry for my nail polish!

Disclaimer: This is a pure opinion of a consumer. This is not a paid advertisement. We pay for all of our drinks.