Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tacos Day!

Hey everyone! This is Ritzelle talking. :) Every friday, I look forward to bond with my ate. Gosh! Gustong gusto ko na umuwi pag nasa school. Haha! atat? Pag nasa school pa lang ako at si ate Ritz nasa work, I can't help but to text her kung san kami kakain at sino ang manlilibre (fingers crossed... sana wag ako! hehe). And so last friday, dahil kuripot si ate... (ssshhh... ^_^) we planned to cook TACOS! A very affordable, delicious, and an easy-to-do recipe!!!

         Hello! I'm Ritz, the older sister and I'm Ritzelle, the fresher one... HAHA, kidding! :) Since then, we were close with each other. And we became closer, when Ritzelle moved here in Manila.

         I (Ritz) hold a job here in Manila and I (Ritzelle) am a college student. And like every one of us experiences,  we are so tired and just plain PAGOD (lalo kapag Friday na) because of different tiring things!!! At ayaw naman namin magmukhang zombies noh... so we decided to have an activity every weekend (Friday evening until Sunday), so that we can enjoy and revitalize. :D Since we want to do those stuff, we planned to have a blog so that we could share experiences, bonding moments, different activities, and informative topics with you! :)

          To know more about what we do every weekend,
Hi everyone!

          How are you? Are you feeling tired and stressed because of schoolwork or because of your job? Hay... :( You're not alone, my friend! Both of us sisters, experience the same stuff as you do. Stressful kaya talaga! Pero don't worry. Sit back, relax, and Keep Scrolling! For this is the right place for you!

          As much as possible, (hangga't kaya ng time. haha) we will post new interesting topics like our food trips, fashion sense (naks!), atbp. And as we share with you these stuff, please do share your own reactions, experiences, or kahit ano pa yan, with us!

          Looking forward to hear from you! See you guys!!!

     Ritz and Ritzelle :)