Saturday, September 8, 2012

         Hello! I'm Ritz, the older sister and I'm Ritzelle, the fresher one... HAHA, kidding! :) Since then, we were close with each other. And we became closer, when Ritzelle moved here in Manila.

         I (Ritz) hold a job here in Manila and I (Ritzelle) am a college student. And like every one of us experiences,  we are so tired and just plain PAGOD (lalo kapag Friday na) because of different tiring things!!! At ayaw naman namin magmukhang zombies noh... so we decided to have an activity every weekend (Friday evening until Sunday), so that we can enjoy and revitalize. :D Since we want to do those stuff, we planned to have a blog so that we could share experiences, bonding moments, different activities, and informative topics with you! :)

          To know more about what we do every weekend,
we will start by sharing with you that "Immunity Days" is what we call our almost 3-day weekend. I (Ritz) remember, that we start naming those days... when my sister (Ritzelle) shouted "IMMUNITY!!!" when we got home in our province. HAHA. Ewan ko bakit nya sinigaw yun. So an immunity day is the time when we set aside problems, stress and just simply enjoy the company of each other.

          We realized na don't stress yourself too much and learn to enjoy yourself. Diba? Diba? SMILE and TIWALA LANG... :)



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