Sunday, July 29, 2012


Happy FRIDAY to all!!! I know you have plans for this weekend or most of us will simply have a long REST like sleeping for long hours hehehe sarap. This is the time also to do all the household chores like maglaba,maglinis and etcetera (hate this part). For us sisters FRIDAY is our IMMUNITY DAY yehey happiness. This is a reward day for both of us for five days hard work for me ritz and five days burning of eye brows for intense studies (ritzelle).  Well enough with the talking and I welcome you to our IMMUNITY DAY (round of applause!!!!) 

We had dinner in NOMNOMNOM Happy Food at 1Tomas Morato cor. E. Rodriguez QC. Actually the place is somewhat hard to find because of they don’t have any signage outside the resto.  Anyways, that is okay sa hinaba haba man daw ng prusisyon sa Nomnomnom pa rin ang tuloy hehehe. 
When we enter the resto many of the crews are just sitting inside and there are only two customers. I told to myself tutuloy pa ba kami because it’s a bit scary. The decorations are somewhat old; the aircon is a bit dirty ah basta the ambiance is not nice. But because I read blogs about the place we give it a try. 

We ordered fried ravioli, tomato based seafood pasta and oil based clam pasta. First bite of fried ravioli, my clock stops clicking and boom SOBRANG SARAP I’m telling you sobra. Not too oily the greens inside is cook to perfections. Next bite, pasta wrapped in foil I don’t know why may foil eh hindi naman baked pero dedma masarap again there are squids rings, mussels, shrimps and clams. Over sa ingredients and the tomato sauce not to sour to taste. And for the oil based clam pasta of Ritzelle delicious din but I’m not a fan of oil based pasta but I just took only a bite but my sister loved it. Again we don’t eat dessert because we plan to go to other resto to complete our meal. 

Fried Ravioli

Tomato based seafood pasta with foil covering 

Unleashing the tomato based seafood pasta

Oil based clam pasta

Tomato based seafood pasta

For dessert, we went first to KOZUI Green Tea, unfortunately we were not able to find it. I don’t know if the resto is closed permanently or temporarily but sayang kase I heard good reviews in other bloggers about the drinks and dessert in Kozui. So we ended up in our second home called SERENITEA. If you follow our blog you will know how much we love Serenitea. 

That’s all Folks! Till next IMMUNITY DAY. I hope pagkatapos ng Monday ay Friday agad hahaha.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. These are pure opinion. We paid for all our food and drinks. 

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