Friday, July 6, 2012


What time is it? It’s CHATIME! Every time we are tired from work and study,  the comfort drink that we have is a TALL drink from CHATIME. We love love love the branch in Quezon ave because the place is so relaxing and the interior is very pleasing to the eyes.  For me my staple order is Pearl Milk Tea with extra ice so sarap. For Ritzelle, Jasmine Green  Milk tea is her favorite.We tried different drinks like the Oolong tea yummy if you want a strong tea taste, the Taro milk tea with pudding  for me it tastes like Guinataan hehehe and Matcha with bittertaste but yummy pa rin . But over all Chatime for us is the B-E-S-T.   I hope they will have a branch in Tomas Morato para walking distance na lang from our place.  Hehehehe. 
Fingers crossed!

So what is your favorite Chatime drink?

  • TASTE : 100%
  • AMBIANCE : 97% (Centris in Quezon Ave. branch only)
  • SERVICE : 95%
OVER ALL RATING: 97.33% (translation super loved)

Once the red lights appear, it means that your order is ready!

Disclaimer: This is a pure opinion of a consumer. This is not a paid advertisement. We paid for all of our drinks.

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