Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Lemon!

My sister and I (ritzelle) were on our way home after shopping in Trinoma. And we happened to see people lined up in a beverage counter, so as expected we were curious and my sister asked me to “LIBRE” her (but really I considered that as her UTANG hehe!) So, yeah we went and ordered drinks. 

My opinion (ritz): Okay mmmm hmmmm aaaahhhh.  Happy Lemon is ah mmmmmm. I don’t like it. Maybe one of the factors is the small pearls which they place in the drinks... Blah blah... But if you ask my sister, she surprisingly liked it. And she even makes kulit ("makes kulit!" watta word?! haha) to go to trinoma to try another drink of Happy Lemon. Well, okay okay! I'll give it another chance. :D

What can you say about Happy Lemon? 

TASTE : 60%
AMBIANCE: 73% (kiosk in Trinoma)
OVER ALL RATING: 71% (no comment)

Disclaimer: This is a pure opinion of a consumer. This is not a paid advertisement. We paid for all of our drinks.

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