Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yellow Cab!

Hi All! Ritz the elder sister talking. Ordinary Thursday (July 12).  Morning,  ride MRT and feel the sardines atmosphere again and again and again cheek to cheek to my kapwa commuters. Super aga in the office, make it a worthy day! Anyways  I have a friend MAEI who is two months (dont know the exact day count) pregnant. Because it is our suweldo meaning we have our hard earned money for the month we decided to eat at.... First we think AMICI we calculate then surprised we can’t eat there because of limited budget second A VENETTO in Glorietta 3 calculate again at last pasok sa budget but too far from the office and we have  1 ½ hour for the lunch break so erase erase erase. And finally after so many calculations hehehe we ended up eating in YELLOW CAB at Makati Cinema Square. 

Because my friend is preggy I gave her  the privilege to choose for our very happy lunchy meal.  We have 10 inch DEAR DARLA! Oh Darla, why are you so much yummy? 

Dear Darla

Veggies for Darla
For the pasta, actually I dont like the CHARLIE CHAN PASTA because of its sweet taste and because it has nuts, for me that’s kinda weird but okay na din actually I ate much more compared to what my preggy Maei ate. 

Charlie Chan Pasta
And lastly the HOT WING over sa SARAP to the yumminess to the highest level, infinity and beyond bonggang SARAP. True! hot wings of YELLOW CAB is one of the best chicken wings ever! Kahit walang sarsa (even w/o gravy or sauce) super sarap. 

Our total bill is Php 820.00 pesos not bad for a very sarap lunch Php 410 each including VAT. So I hope you enjoy my Thursday adventure.

(left) Maei and Ritz (right)
And THANKS Maei and baby for the lunch moment till next sahod.

·         TASTE: 100%
·         AMBIANCE: 97% (clean and simple resto)
·         SERVICE: 100% ( the crew here are all nice I hope this is not because we are so early 11AM hahaha)

Overall: 99% Love coming back at YELLOW CAB you’re not a so ordinary comfort food resto.

Many are asking if I’m working, YES I’m working full time Monday-Friday 8 hours a day and beyond joke hehehehhehe.

Disclaimer: This is pure opinion of a customer. This is not a paid advertisement. We paid for all our food and drinks. 

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  1. Dear Darla pizza is yummy minus the Alfalfa leaves! Yuck lang :( I hate those! I almost vomit when I first had them! Next time, try their baked potatoes, yumyum! Haha way to go Ritz! Another good post! :)