Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Summer time!!!

Hi friends!

I don't know with you guys but all I can think about is summer, summer, SUMMER!!!

Filipinos are now enjoying the heat. Because of the amazing beaches here in the Philippines, lots of families and barkada are having a great time. Right?

Well, yeah... sometimes too much heat can be really awful that's why some people choose to stay at home. So guys, grab your laptop or mobile phone and click on the tabs on our blog 'cause we will post different exciting and interesting topics for you.

Kaya abangan niyo na lang! :) Btw, my ate and I missed you guys! Sorry for not being able to post lately, I was very busy in schoolwork and Ate Ritz was very busy sleeping... (kidding!). She is very busy in her work. Who am I kidding? haha

Don't worry we will post very soon. Okay? Olrayt? haha. Enjoy Summer!


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