Friday, August 10, 2012


Hi All! Ritz again talking. Sunday is a church day for our family. We usually go to church early in the morning. Then after church, I'm so hungry (OA ko! haha) I can eat a whole roast pig. Hehehe just kidding!

This Sunday is a special one because after church we went in a special place called RJ Bulalohan. Actually I just have seen this resto in GMA News TV I JUANDER segment. So we gave it a try.

Order, Order na! :D

Of course as the name stated RJ BULALOHAN, we ordered Bulalo special. Because I’m so hungry I didn’t ask Kuya Crew about the difference of Bulalo Special to Regular. Sa tingin ko masarap silang dalawa.

For my sister sympre Pescatarian (meaning someone who doesn't eat meat; except for fish) sya so she ordered Sweet and sour Lapu-lapu, medium size. 

The Bulalo, super as in super wow sa sarap. For 259.00 pesos, a family of four can be satisfied with this dish. Pero syempre one order of Bulalo for me it is a SOLO order hehehe. Gutom nga di ba. The meat and vegetable is tender. The soup is not maalat and not a meat cube taste. The bone marrow one word I can describe it “HEAVEN.” Lasang-lasa ang karne as the commercial says. 100% babalik ako sa RJ Bulalohan.

For the sweet and sour fish, my sister likes it very much and in just a few minutes, 
(ta-dah!!!) tapos kang isda ka! Take note ha medium size yan. Sya lang umubos. Hehehe. The vegetables are not overcooked. The fish is crispy fried that my sister loved it to the max. The sauce is not that maasim or sobrang tamis tamang tama ang timpla. Hehehe.

Ah one more thing we ordered Lemonade Iced Tea. Masarap din pero service water will do for the hungry sisters like us.

Hehehe. Total bill for our brunch is Php 654.00 not bad for a breakfast and lunch combined.

Pssst I have a secret we ordered six (6) cups of rice. Hehehe. Gutom nga diba wag mapaghusga. Hehehe! These are the photos after we ate those dishes... Bwahaha!

For dessert we munched MILKYWAY chocolates, so yummy. 

How about you? How do you enjoy your Sunday?

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. This is pure opinion of the customer. We paid for all our food and drinks.

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